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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SFA High Performance Association (SFA HPA)?
The SFA HPA is a registered BC non-profit society that provides support to the competitive SFA swimmers that have the potential to compete at the national and international levels. These Post-graduate swimmers are seriously committed to intense training, technical development, and competitive success. The HPA will increase the swimmers’ access to high performance coaching and sport science practitioners. The HPA will also provide financial assistance for the swimmers of LOSC/SFA to support facility, competition, travel, and equipment costs.

Is the SFA HPA different than the SFA, or LOSC Swim Clubs?
The HPA and the SFA/LOSC Swim Clubs are separate entities that work together. The organizations work to support and benefit one another. Swimmers in the SFA HPA are all registered club swimmers with the LOSC and/or SFA swim team.

How do I join the SFA HPA?
Any post-secondary swimmer is welcome to apply to the HPA Board of Directors for membership. Once approved, HPA swimmers are eligible for support from the SFA HPA.

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