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  About Us  

About Us

Who are we?

The SFA HPA is a non-profit society certified with the BC Registry. The SFA is run and operated by a group of volunteer Directors and is supported by LOSC and Simon Fraser Aquatics with pool and gym space allocation, coaching, a dedicated strength and conditioning and administrative support.

The HPA  is staffed with experienced, high performance coaches. It provides the highest level of coordinated strength and conditioning training.

Our Directors
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Why did we start the HPA?

We started the HPA program because we saw a need to support post-secondary swimmers who aspire to take their swim performance to the highest level possible. The funding will ensure these athletes have access to high performance coaching, training facilities and the ability to attend competitions and the national and international level.

There are many swimmers that compete at a national championships and a university championships that do not receive year-round support. There are few options for these swimmers to continue in a focused and supported environment.  This will often stagnate, or end their swim career, even when they have the motivation, desire and drive to achieve more.

The HPA is addressing this need by providing coaching, facility access and financial support to post secondary swimmers that are eager to continue pursuing high performance swimming.

Successful applicants to the HPA are in need of support through the summer months and are eager to return to their varsity programs at an improved performance level. The HPA will also provide a pathway to the National team and Pro (ISL) level swim programs.

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